What It Does

Freight Genius is an enterprise-level Transportation Management System (TMS) that's a fraction of the cost of most big systems. It requires little-to-no implementation lead time, integrates easily into other systems, and doesn't require a special degree to figure it out. You can sign up for a subscription and use it right "out of the box" or leverage our API to create your own experiences and workflows. 

Why You Need It

This game-changing platform gives you greater visibility, better organization, and the support you need to take control of your company's logistics once and for all. Some of the biggest highlights include: 

Ease of Use

Experience rapid deployment, seamless updating, and low implementation costs.

Ease of Integration

Our open API structure provides assurance of compatibility with existing or future systems.

Learning System

A shared ecosystem utilizes real-time freight information from our growing TMS community. This improves the overall visibility of the carrier market while increasing the impact and accuracy of our proprietary algorithms.

Intelligent broker workflows

Simplified user experiences enriched with powerful insights, such as predictive analytics, real-time capacity, lane rate, and success histories, and more are incredibly valuable to brokers.