Changing the Way Business Works

As a technology company that thrives on helping clients find digital solutions, we're excited about the platforms we've built for the supply chain and reverse logistics arena so far. In fact, we have two that tackle the biggest issues in these industries: full visibility of your data and efficient workflow systems. 

Control Tower and Freight Genius are solutions that are affordable to integrate, easy to customize, and proven to make a significant impact. The trifecta in business.

Control Tower

This is a workflow management tool and data warehouse. It operates as a cloud-based integration engine for reverse logistics and supply chain groups and offers five distinct benefits:

  1. Complete lifecycle visibility
  2. Aggregation from a single platform
  3. Process improvements
  4. Quantified cost savings
  5. Options for additional modules
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Freight Genius

This is an unparalleled Transportation Management System (TMS) that is offered on a subscription basis to shippers and freight brokers of all sizes. It serves four critical needs in the industry:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Ease of integration
  3. A shared ecosystem
  4. Intelligent workflows
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