Control Tower

What it does

Control Tower is a cloud-based integration engine that provides complete life-cycle visibility to material flows within the reverse logistics channel. From initial order entry through disposition supplier reporting, you can now see all of your data from a single source.

Why you need it

By breaking down organizational silos, you can implement Control Tower to gain the following benefits:

  • Data Warehouse

    Collect data from multiple sources in a single scalable cloud-based environment.

  • Scheduling

    Facilitate entry, processing, and management of department with streamlined, intelligent tools.

  • Business Intelligence

    Access, analyze, summarize, and visualize data to make smarter business decisions.

  • Cost Savings

    Integrate with additional departments within your company to drive supply chain-wide savings.

  • Expanded Applications

    Seamlessly add new modules to your system, such as a WMS and IMS that are proven to enhance efficiencies.

Who Uses It

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